Ready for the most convenient self storage in Watauga, Texas? Our facility
features many convenient, modern amenities, including climate controlled
units, wide aisles, and truck rental. We even have a post office on our property!
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Self Storage in Watauga, TX

Watauga, Texas Self Storage

We at Rufe Snow Depot Self Storage pride ourselves on being able to give you the most comprehensive, friendly services around. Our family has been a part of the community for more than 40 years, so we do our best to make all of our renters feel like they’re a valuable member of the family. Call us today to learn how we can make you feel at home!

Convenience and Service

Our facility offers a wide selection of unit sizes and features to make your move-in day simple, quick, and efficient. Many of our units are climate controlled, ground floor, and drive-up accessible. We offer RV and boat parking and truck rental, saving you a trip to a rental company. Most importantly, perhaps, is the fact that our office is a U.S. Post Office, providing all the services of any other post office around the country. You can store your stuff here and get some of your everyday chores out of the way!

6707 Rufe Snow Drive, Watauga, TX 76148

Added Benefits

If having a U.S. Post Office on site wasn’t convenient enough, then you’ll love the added services we offer to our tenants. The layout of our property includes two different gates, creating a pull-through environment that makes for easy loading and unloading of bulky items and large boxes. We even have dollies and handcarts available to use, and our drives are wide enough to accommodate a semi moving truck. Our Watauga location is designed with you, the customer, in mind!

Family and Community

Our property was built on farmland that has been in the family for over 40 years. We’ve watched as the area has grown and developed and have remained active members of the community for all of that time. We’re happy to say that our facility is new but has been in business for 40 years. If you’ve lived in the area for your entire life, or if you’re new to the city, please stop in to chat. We’ll be happy to share all that we know to make you feel more at home.